TKA Company Limited (TKA) was founded in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1988 as a Limited Liability Company. The Company has four Departments namely: Property Valuations, Asset Management and Municipal Services; Property and Facility Management and Business Development; Research, Publications and Innovation; and, Project Planning and Management, Human Resources and Training

Land Administration Support

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Service Overview

Access to land and other natural resources is an important basis for the livelihood of poor people. This access must be stable and secure. The main objective of land administration is to secure stability in relation to the division of land between individuals, groups of individuals or other legal entities.
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Service Objectives

Principled procedures are followed in the process of offering this service. Here is a look at some of them:

Rights Transfer

Transfer of rights in land from one party to another through sale, lease, loan, gift, and inheritance.

Land Management

This process is about the use and conservation of the land

Revenue Collection

The gathering of revenues from the land through sales, leasing, and taxation.

Conflict Resolution

The resolving of conflicts concerning the ownership and the use of land
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Service Outcomes

  • Long-term planning/Investment
  • Sense of Self Respect
  • Land Information is Power

With security of tenure – provided by land administration – there
is much incentive for such developments, resulting in
improved dwellings and protection of the land, water and natural resources.
natural resources


Becoming a recognised landowner can also lead to a heightened sense

of self respect, and encourages participation in democratic processes.

This is especially important for households headed by women or orphans,

who are among the most vulnerable landholders.

The public sector keeps track of land – where it is, who has access to it,
and its value – through land administration. This information, recorded
in cadastres, land registers and tax rolls, is important for many land related

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