TKA Company Limited (TKA) was founded in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1988 as a Limited Liability Company. The Company has four Departments namely: Property Valuations, Asset Management and Municipal Services; Property and Facility Management and Business Development; Research, Publications and Innovation; and, Project Planning and Management, Human Resources and Training

Urban Development

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Service Overview

Companies need to keep track of their assets so that they can control their valuable properties and prevent them from loss or damage. In order to keep the track, the assets are required to tag with unique code or numbers.
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Service Objectives

Urban Development is made up of various things and procedures. Below is a sneak-peak into what entails this service.

Management and Advise

To advise public authorities development partners, civil society and the general public on sustainable approached to managing urban development

Assignments Undertaking

To act as contractors undertaking urban management assignment

Trends Monitoring

To monitor trends in urbanisation linking this with international agendas such as Sustainable Development Goals
Implementing a consistent asset tagging process flow ensures that all assets received by your company are consistently classified and tracked, making it easy to locate assets throughout the company, implement regular maintenance schedules, and maintain accurate record-keeping for auditing and accounting purposes.

Service Outcomes

  • Organization

Orderly urban development suitable for livable human habitation