TKA Company Limited (TKA) was founded in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1988 as a Limited Liability Company. The Company has four Departments namely: Property Valuations, Asset Management and Municipal Services; Property and Facility Management and Business Development; Research, Publications and Innovation; and, Project Planning and Management, Human Resources and Training

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Service Overview

Wherever you go... you are surrounded by real estate. Whether houses, offices, shops, hotels, warehouses, education or healthcare facilities. These buildings are all the products of real estate (i.e. property) development. Property development, also called real estate development, is the process of developing buildings or land into a higher use value.
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Service Objectives

We carry out feasibility studies for real estate projects, including land surveying and land use planning, putting together development packages, overseeing project realization, and managing property development schemes, including construction. These also include schemes related to land use planning and land surveying.
We handle everything on your behalf from:

Land Acquisition

Buying your land and ensuring all the paperwork are in your name.

Property Improvement

Renovating, extending or improving property

Property Building

We co-ordinate and ensure your dream property is brought to reality.

Want to Pivot?

Converting property from one use type to another.
Note: The Difference between Property Development and Property Management is our point of interactions. The former is at the beginning of your Property Business Journey, and the latter is at the middle of your journey.

Service Outcomes

  • Wealth Generation
  • Greater stability
  • Investment Leverage

Based on the building usage (office space, meeting rooms or rentals among others), you stand to make lots of wealth from its usage.

Over time, property has proven to be a more stable investment when compared to other investment options. Despite it’s up and downs, the property market as a whole tends to be a lot less volatile than other markets, such as the stock market

This simply means that when purchasing property, you can purchase more with less. You invest your funds and the bank loans you additional funds in the form of a mortgage

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About Our Company

We are a customer-centric entity with vast experience in Real Estate Industry, committed to help you achieve your goals.
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